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Sue Grey is a lawyer who spends most of her time helping people in need or on emerging causes, often taking on the Government or institutions. Donations to this fund are encouraged by a small team of supporters and held in a separate account "legal fund" (not connected to Sue) as required by law and used to pay court fees or assist in expenses bringing these issues to light. Funds are only released on submission of approved legal invoices. Sue's work and funding in the past has been used on issues such as the 5g legal challenge, aerial broadcast of poisons (1080 and brodifacoum), helping mother and baby out of quarantine, Covid high court challenge, employees sacked because of no jab no job cases, green fairy cases and and many other emerging issues.

How much would you like to donate? and contribute to help. If the account number does not display for some reason or your email does not arrive with the account number. It is ASB 12-3209-0158558-50 legal fund account.

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This offline process requires you to deposit funds directly from your bank to the account number  12-3209-0158558-50 Legal Fund. You will be issued with a receipt when we reconcile the account.

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